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June 12, 2019by ArkssTech0

DesignCuts are back with yet another outstanding font bundle deal.

Inside this eclectic font collection are 16 stunning font families from the world’s foremost type designers such as Latinotype, Fenotype and Zetafonts to name a few, and they include a versatile mix of serifs, san serif, script and slab fonts. Perfect for branding, social media posts, logos, posters and so much more.

If you bought these fonts individually, it would cost $1587, but you can get all 16 font families (239 individual fonts), for just $29 which is 98% off.

An amazing deal which is too good to pass up!

Below is a short preview of what’s inside, but check out the deal page for a closer look.

» Get Eclectic Font Bundle (98% Off)

The deal ends on June 25, so don’t miss out.

These particular fonts caught my eye:

  • Kenfolg – Serifs are making a come back and this display titling typeface is sure to help that trend. Perfect for branding & logo projects!
  • Config Condensed – Similar to the much-loved (yet pricey) DIN font family, with italics.
  • Kinfolk – An eclectic take on a luxurious serif. I love the O and subtle design features of this one.
  • Neue Einstellung – a friendly geometric san serif which seems to be a mix between Avant Garde, Futura and Proxima Nova.

Eclectic Fonts Bundle


KenfolgConfig Condensed Font

Kinfolk Font  Neue Einstellung Font


» Get Eclectic Font Bundle (98% Off)

The deal ends on June 25, so don’t miss out.

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