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June 24, 2019by ArkssTech0

I love coming across new tools that make our lives as designers easier and this tool does just that.

PDFPenPro is a powerful, all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac-based professionals, which allows you to quickly and easily work with PDF files in a streamlined and intuitive fashion.

With PDFpenPro, you can create interactive PDFs, add text & signatures, make corrections & markups, use OCR tech to convert scanned docs to text and much more.

If this has perked your interest, try out PDFpenPro for free today

Great Uses for Designers

  • Create and/or sign contracts for your clients on the fly
  • Build questionnaires / interactive forms to send to your clients in interactive PDF format
  • Add markup (scribbles, highlights, images, drawings,) or notes on your designs
  • Scan in documents & instantly convert the text to copy+pastable text.
  • Create portfolios, combining related files together
  • Export PDFs to Word, Excel or Powerpoint

Plus, many more features which are outlined on their site.


PDFPenPro Sign

But what about Adobe Acrobat, you say? Yes, Acrobat is a powerful tool, however, it is overly complex and expensive. PDFPenPro is intuitive, yet powerful making it a great Mac alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

PDFPenPro has a simple user interface, making it easy to edit & mark up all elements within a PDF. It integrates perfectly within the macOS system (including a built-in PDF viewer), it has tons of features, works amazing with multiple PDFs and it also has a cloud storage feature to keep your documents in sync.

PDFPenPro gets my vote for the best Mac PDF editor! It’s powerful, without the fuss.

» Try out PDFpenPro for free today (available on MacOS and iOS)

Let me know how you go.

Do you have a favorite PDF editor?

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