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August 21, 2019by ArkssTech0

You’re most likely my competitor.

In some way or another, you’re in my space but it simply does not matter, we all have different offerings and skillsets so why look at me as a competitor?

We can all help each other! Everyone knows something better than you, so listen, watch and learn!

JUST like when you shop for furniture, you will find all the players in one space. Yes, they’re competing against one another, but by banding together, they have created “the destination” for furniture and are infinitely stronger together.

So embrace your community, band together, form partnerships and learn from one another.

Community over competition!

And you know what is good about competition? It gives you even more reason for you to differentiate, better yourself and stand out in the market.

How well do you know your target audience? What’s your niche? What price point are you at? Are you IKEA or BoConcept?

Community Over Competition

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